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Type Specifications in Hoof

Our description of Hoof files is now complete except for the description of the type specifications given to fields. While the specifications themselves are fairly simple, there are a number of predefined suif types for which the semantics must be understood in order to fully understand Hoof file type declarations.

The syntax is:         <type_specification> ::= <type_spec> | <type_spec> * <pointer_qual>
        <type_spec> ::= <identifier> <template_part>
        <template_part> ::= "<" <type_specifications> ">" |
        <pointer_qual> ::=  owner | reference
A type specification is either a simple identifier, a template type, or a pointer to either of these. In the case of a pointer type, the is followed by either owner or reference to denote whether the object pointed to by this field is owned by this object.

David Heine