The SUIF 2 Compiler System

This page contains a guide to the documentation of the SUIF2 system, which is built as part of the National Compiler Infrastructure project. The SUIF2 representation is completely different from the SUIF1 representation. The released system includes conversion tools between the SUIF 1 and SUIF 2 representations to allow passes written in both systems to work together.

Table of Contents

Overview of the SUIF2 System

Getting Started

Available programs and SUIF passes

SUIF Programs and Passes Guide is a document containing a list of the currently released programs and passes. The SUIF compiler infrastructure is designed to be modular so as to facilitate research in compilers. Users can construct a custom compiler without writing any new code by

Writing your own SUIF Pass

The following collects together some of the high-level information useful for learning how to write your own SUIF pass.

Internal SUIF Implementation Documentation