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Indexed List

The declaration     indexed_list< key_type, value_type> field;
defines a list with an external primary key which is stored in the list. Compare this to the searchable_list in which the key (or keys) is part of the element type. It should really be possible to look these up using a secondary key defined with the key attribute but that is not currently needed or implemented. These are the operations defined:

void add_ field( key_type, value_type);
typedef indexed_list< key_type, value_type>::pair field_pair;
Iter< field_pair > get_ field_iterator();
< value_type> remove_ field( key_type);
bool has_ field_member( key_type);
int num_ field_with_key( key_type);
value_type lookup_ field( key_type, int no);
value_type remove_ field( key_type, int no);
value_type lookup_field( key_type);

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