The SUIF 2 Compiler System

The SUIF 2 compiler infrastructure project is co-funded by DARPA and NSF. It is a new version of the SUIF compiler system, a free infrastructure designed to support collaborative research in optimizing and parallelizing compilers. It is currently in the beta test stage of development.

Current Status

Newly released SUIF 2.2 packages: The SUIF 2.2 release contains

The matching C frontend binaries are available here.

Because of a change in the file format, you will need to rebuild any Suif2 intermediate files before running a SUIF 2.2 pass on them.

Our group at Stanford are currently working an interprocedural analysis framework, a parallelizer, and a loop transformer based on affine partitions. We are also working on exceptions in the solaris and Linux Java runtime.

Mike Smith's group at Harvard University is currently working on a backend package that includes optimizations, register allocation, scheduling, and code generation for the Compaq Alpha and the x86 architecture.

Portland Group, Inc. is currently working on a Fortran front end based on their front end and an C++ front end based on the EDG front end.

The SUIF 2.2 System and Release Information

SUIF-Related Mailing Lists

Information on the SUIF mailing lists can be found here.