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Transformation Annotations

The method annotate_doalls appends a doall annotation to the corresponding tree_for node. It uses the boolean doall array in the loop_transform class to determine whether or not a loop is a doall. See section Loop Transformations. The methods unimodular_transform and tiling_transform will also generate the doall annotations, if the the boolean doall array is present.

The tiling_transform method generates two additional annotations:

tiled, tiled-c
These annotations are attached to the outermost loop in the region. They consist of an integer giving the depth of the original region, followed by a list of booleans indicating whether the loops are doalls. The tiled annotation is used for non-coalesced regions. If the region is coalesced then the annotation's name is changed to tiled-c.

This annotation is attached to all the inner loops created by tiling.

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