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Row Manipulation

Many of the manipulation routines available for matrices are also applicable to a single row of integers. In the following list, the symbols a and b are of the class integer_row and n, i and j are integers.

integer_row a();
Create/initialize an empty row.

integer_row a(i);
Create/initialize a row of i elements.

integer_row a(b);
integer_row a(&b);
Create/initialize the row a to be identical to b.

int * ilist;
integer_row a(ilist, n);
a.init(ilist, n);
Using a list of n integers, create a row.

int * a.data_array();
Convert the row to a list of integers.

a.del_col(i, j);
Delete the i-th element (or elements i to j) from the row a.

a ^= b;
Swap the rows. same as tmp = a; a = b; b = tmp;.

b = a.swap_col(i, j);
Swap the elements i and j.

Insert an element initialized to 0 at the i-th position.

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