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Structured Annotation Definitions

The struct_annote_def class, which is derived from the annote_def class, is used to record the definitions of structured annotations. Objects of this class behave just like base annote_def objects, except the is_structured method returns TRUE. In addition, these objects contain pointers to four functions:

The from function converts the annotation data from a list of immed values to the user's data structure. This function is required.

The to function converts the user's data structure to a list of immed values. This function is required.

The free function is optional, but it should be provided if the annotation data needs to be deallocated when the annotation is deleted.

The print function is also optional, but without it the data in a structured annotation is simply printed as a hexadecimal value. This function allows you to print the annotations in more meaningful formats. As much as possible, the annotations should be printed in the same style as flat annotations.

Structured annotations must be registered with the manager before the SUIF input file is read. Otherwise, the annotations will remain as immed value lists, instead of being converted to the appropriate data structures. The STRUCT_ANNOTE macro should be used to register structured annotations. This is just like the ANNOTE macro except that it takes four more arguments for the struct_annote_def functions. For example:

char *k_struct_annote;
void *ann_from(char *name, immed_list *il, suif_object *obj);
immed_list *ann_to(char *name, void *data);
void ann_free(void *data);

STRUCT_ANNOTE(k_struct_annote, "struct_annote", TRUE,
              ann_from, ann_to, ann_free, NULL);

This registers the annotation "struct_annote" as a structured annotation. The ann_from function will be used to convert the annotation data from a list of immed values; the ann_to function will be used to convert the data back to an immed_list; and the ann_free function will be used to deallocate the annotation data. No function is provided to print the annotation data.

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