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SUIF symbols are stored in the symbol tables (see section Symbol Tables) to represent variables, labels, and procedures. The sym_node class is the base class for all SUIF symbols. This is an abstract class so it cannot be used directly. The library also defines the sym_node_list class for lists of pointers to symbols. Classes are derived from the sym_node class for each kind of symbol. Given an arbitrary symbol, the kind method identifies the kind of symbol and thus the derived class to which it belongs. This method returns a value from the sym_kinds enumerated type. The following values are defined in that enumeration:

Variable symbol. The var_sym class represents variable symbols.

Label symbol. The label_sym class represents label symbols.

Procedure symbol. The proc_sym class represents procedure symbols.

All symbols share some common fields including the symbol names. These are described in the first section below. Each kind of symbol also uses additional fields that are specific to that kind. For example, variable symbols specify the types of the variables. The subsequent sections describe the specific features of each kind of symbol.

The `symbols.h' and `symbols.cc' files contain the source code for SUIF symbols.

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