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Version 1.0

This manual is part of the SUIF compiler documentation set.

Copyright (C) 1994 Stanford University. All rights reserved.

Permission is given to use, copy, and modify this documentation for any non-commercial purpose as long as this copyright notice is not removed. All other uses, including redistribution in whole or in part, are forbidden without prior written permission.


This document describes Simple-SUIF, a compiler system for real languages and machines that is simple enough for use in a compiler course. Simple-SUIF provides a simplified interface to the full SUIF compiler system which has been developed by the compiler research group at Stanford. Although it is not a production-quality compiler, SUIF runs on most UNIX systems, is capable of handling large programs written in ANSI C and FORTRAN 77, and can generate code for MIPS processors, which are used in DECstations and SGI workstations.

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