Man page for writesuif.1
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writesuif - parse a text file to produce an old-SUIF binary file


writesuif [ -o outfile | -o2 outfile ] infile


The writesuif program parses a text file in the format produced by reads to produce an old-SUIF binary file. This provides an easy way to make small changes to an old-SUIF file. Print the file using reads, edit the resulting text, and then use writesuif to parse the text and convert back to the binary format. This program is no longer supported.


-o outfile
-o2 outfile
Put the binary output in outfile. If neither of these options are used, the default output file name is suif.out. The -o option uses the original old-SUIF binary format for the output, and the -o2 option specifies that the output should use the random-access binary format.



Table of Contents