The SUIF Compiler - Man Pages

scc - SUIF compiler driver program

argh - front-end for multi-argument passes
c_lib_info - put standard C library information in the symbol table
cbsplit - split Fortran common blocks
cform - translate inside SUIF from Fortran to C form
checksuif - check the legality of a SUIF file
entry_types - propagate parameter type info for Fortran entry points
fixfortran - prepare a SUIF file for mexp and mgen
fortform - transform procedures to Fortran-convertable form
fortliner - fit a Fortran program into lines of the right size
fortsplit - split out and convert possible Fortran procedures
getlinkinfo - get external linkage information
kill_annotes - remove SUIF annotations
linksuif - combine SUIF files into a file set
localize - make global variables local when possible
mark_direct_calls - mark procedures used only in direct calls
mergesuif - merge SUIF files
mexp - preprocessor for the MIPS code generator
mgen - MIPS code generator
moo - analyze SUIF program for privatizable scalar variables
newsuif - convert an old SUIF file to the current SUIF format
nsharlit - generate data-flow analyzers
oldsuif - convert a SUIF file to the old SUIF format
oynk - perform scalar optimizations and analysis on old SUIF programs
pgen - generate code for shared address space multiprocessors
porky - do assorted code transformations
predep - preprocessing for the dependence analyzer
printsimple - convert a SUIF file to Simple-SUIF and print it out
printsuif - print SUIF files as text
private_prop - propagate privatization information interprocedurally
pscc - parallelizing SUIF compiler driver program
reads - print old-SUIF files as text
reduction - reduction recognition
rescope - change global symbol and type scopes
s2c - convert a SUIF file to C
sf2c - first pass of the SUIF Fortran 77 front end
sharlit - generate data-flow analyzers
skweel - optimize loop-level parallelism and locality
snoot - translate pre-processed C to SUIF
special_decalpha - special processing for DEC ALPHA back-end
special_sgi64 - special processing for SGI64 back-end
spp - A pretty printer for SUIF
structure - structure control flow
swighnflew - prepare a SUIF file for mexp and mgen
texec - execute a program with a time limit
writesuif - parse a text file to produce an old-SUIF binary file
xp - miscellaneous utility pass for old SUIF