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swighnflew - prepare a SUIF file for mexp and mgen


swighnflew [ options ] infile outfile


The current MIPS code generator for the SUIF system consists of the two programs, mexp and mgen. These programs use the old SUIF format and have even more strict requirements on the form of their input than other old SUIF format programs have. General SUIF files must be run through swighnflew before oldsuif to put them in the proper form for the mexp and mgen code generator.

The input to swighnflew must not have any FOR nodes. That means that the porky program must be run with the -Dfors option before swighnflew is run.


porky(1), oldsuif(1), mexp(1), mgen(1)


This program was written by Chris Wilson.

Table of Contents