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spp - A pretty printer for SUIF


spp [ args ] SUIF_file


spp will format and print the basic blocks and the structured flow graph of the input SUIF program as nice compact tree structures. The input for spp is a SUIF file. The output, which is PostScript, is either written back to a file or directly sent to a printer.


The output will be reduced using number as a scaling factor. For example, -1 causes no reduction (the default), -2 is a reduction of 50%, and -0.5 is an enlargement of 50%.

-P printer
The output PostScript will be sent directly to the printer given by printer.

-f file
A file named file will be created and the output will be written to that file instead of the printer.

-f - The output will be written to standard output instead of the printer.

-x func_name
spp will extract the function func_name and format and print only that function. All the other functions in the input file will be ignored.

-s num
Start printing from page num. Ignore the pages created before that.

-e num
End printing at page num. Ignore the pages created after that.

By default, before each procedure, a list of variables used in that function is printed. This flag will stop printing that list.

By default, when printing the variable list, no temporary and global variables are printed. This flag will dump all the variables to this list.

-c num

Set the number of columns to num (for 2-column or 3-column output). Although this will reduce the number of pages printed, the columns may overlap.

-g At page breaks, overlap some amount from the adjoining page into the current page.

-F Fortran types.

-h Print a help message explaining all the options available.

-B5 The output can be targeted to different paper sizes (provided that your printer supports those types). The default paper type is letter.


This program was originally developed for an old version of SUIF. Thus many new additions to SUIF such as the type system are not supported well. It does not print or support general annotations. s2c also reduces the usefulness of spp; however, spp is still useful for people interested in looking at instructions.


printsuif(1), s2c(1)


Developed by Saman Amarasinghe.

Table of Contents