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special_decalpha - special processing for DEC ALPHA back-end


special_decalpha { -in | -out } infile outfile { infile outfile }*


The special_decalpha program does special processing to interface with the DEC ALPHA back-end compiler. It does this by means of ``#pragma'' lines, both ``#pragma'' lines in the input from system header files that give SUIF information about the back-end, and ``#pragma'' lines that SUIF puts in the output C files to communicate information SUIF has to the back-end compiler. It also does special optimizations that are specific to the DEC ALPHA back-end.

This program should be run twice, once after the front end with the ``in'' option to read in annotations, and once just before s2c with the ``-out'' option.


This program was written by Chris Wilson.

Table of Contents