Man page for printsuif.1
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printsuif - print SUIF files as text


printsuif [ options ] suif_files ...


The printsuif program reads all of the specified SUIF files and prints their contents to the standard output. SUIF files are written in a binary format that saves space and is easy for the SUIF library to read. Consequently, printsuif must be used to convert them to a text format that is readable by humans. The SUIF reference manual describes the format of the text output produced by printsuif.


-ftn Convert the SUIF code to Fortran format before printing it out. In Fortran format, parameters are passed by reference. See the SUIF reference manual for more details.

Do not print out any of the SUIF symbol tables.

Omit the result types when printing SUIF instructions.

Do not build expression trees. The default is to build the expression trees when each procedure is read in.

Print annotations as flat lists of immed values, even if they have been registered with user-defined printing functions. This option is required if the output is to be parsed and converted back to the SUIF binary format.

-raw Print the low-level instruction list without building any of the symbol tables or other high-level structures. This option is only for debugging the SUIF library.

Print the target machine parameters. This information is set in the front end and caried along in the SUIF file to s2c or another back end. It is available in the SUIF library's ``target'' structure.

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