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getlinkinfo - get external linkage information


getlinkinfo configfile infile outfile { infile outfile }*


The getlinkinfo program uses configfile to determine which symbols in the fileset formed by all the infile files are referenced externally to the fileset and marks this information in annotations. The annotations keep track of what files are in the fileset at the time because this information is only valid later for the same fileset without omissions. This information is used by the libuseful function unreferenced_outside_fileset(), which automatically figures out when the information is valid. Note that as in any other case when multiple files are read in as one fileset, linksuif must be run on all the inputs before this pass is run if there is more than a single input SUIF file.

It is up to the user of this program to insure that configfile is correct for a given fileset (i.e. that configfile contains information for everything else to be linked in to create the final executable program).

The format of configfile is currently a text file with the following format:

externrefs { symname * }

where each symname is the name of a symbol which is referenced externally.




This program was written by Chris Wilson.

Table of Contents