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entry_types - propagate parameter type info for Fortran entry points


entry_types infile outfile { infile outfile }*


The entry_types program propagates the original parameter array type information to the dummy procedures produced by sf2c for entry points into subroutines. It must be run right after fixfortran if it will be necesary to have the correct type information in these dummy procedures. For intraprocedural analysis, it ususally does not matter because the dummy procedures simply call the procedures containing the body and pass parameters directly through, so there is no place within the dummy procedure where the type information will matter. For interprocedural analysis, however, this information does matter, so if any interprocedural passes are to be run, the entry_types pass should be run first.


sf2c(1), fixfortran(1)


This program was written by Chris Wilson.

Table of Contents