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checksuif - check the legality of a SUIF file


checksuif [ options ] infile ...


There are many rules about what is and is not allowed in a SUIF file, and only some of these are checked by the SUIF library because there would be a lot of overhead involved in checking every rule all the time. The checksuif program exists as a separate pass to check more of these rules only when necessary for debugging. It reads the specified files and performs various checks on the legality of the SUIF code they contain. If any problems are found, a diagnostic message is printed to standard output.

All the checking routines run by checksuif are available for user programs to run internally in the check library.


Only print a warning message when a problem is found, and continue checking the program and eventually terminate normally, instead of aborting. This is the default.

Print an error message and exit with an error condition when any problem is found.


Bob Wilson wrote the type checking part and Chris Wilson added some other checks.

Table of Contents