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argh - front-end for multi-argument passes


argh progname -.out-suffix [ flags ] infiles


This little utility makes it easier to use passes that take multiple input and output files on the command-line by giving a different interface. It simply runs the command progname with infiles as the input file names and generates the output file names from these by replacing the input file names with the suffix .out-suffix. argh assumes that progname expects its command-line in the form of alternating input and output file names. Arguments beginning with ``-'' are assumed to be flags instead of input files, so they are passed through unchanged to progname. The special flag ``--'' is assumed to mark the end of the flags, so all subsequent arguments are taken as file names, even if they begin with ``-''. The ``--'' flag is also passed through to progname.


This program was written by Chris Wilson.

Table of Contents