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Version 1.0

This manual is part of the SUIF compiler documentation set.

Copyright (C) 1994 Stanford University. All rights reserved.

Permission is given to use, copy, and modify this documentation for any non-commercial purpose as long as this copyright notice is not removed. All other uses, including redistribution in whole or in part, are forbidden without prior written permission.


This document contains a series of examples so that you may see how SUIF passes are written. The examples range from the very simple to the reasonably complex. They are designed to illustrate different features of the SUIF framework.

This document assumes that three packages are installed: "basesuif", the base SUIF system, "suifbuilder", and "baseparsuif", the base parallelziation system for SUIF.

The source for these examples may also be found in the examples directory of the "cookbook" distribution.

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