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Creating SUIF Code

In the builder type system (See section Types) the SUIF structure type_node is directly created by parse_type(). Also in variable creation (See section Creating and Using Variables) the builder function new_sym() will create the corresponding SUIF structure var_sym. But for larger structures such as expression trees and control flow, the builder does not create any SUIF, but keeps the information in an internal builder structure. An explicit command is needed to create SUIF out of builder structures. The builder commands to create SUIF are
Creates an expression tree.

Creates a tree node.

Creates a list of tree nodes.

Note that these commands cannot be applied to all builder structures. From an expression tree builder structure, an instruction, tree_node or tree_node_list can be created. But it is illegal to make an instruction from a builder control-flow structure. See section Generating SUIF Code for a detailed description of available builder commands.

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