The SUIF 1.x Compiler System

The SUIF (Stanford University Intermediate Format) 1.x compiler, developed by the Stanford Compiler Group, is a free infrastructure designed to support collaborative research in optimizing and parallelizing compilers.

Table of Contents

Overview of the SUIF Compiler
The SUIF Software Distribution
The SUIF Documentation
SUIF-related Mailing Lists
Contributions by Other Research Groups
Research using SUIF (at Stanford and elsewhere)

Overview of the SUIF Compiler

Independently developed compilation passes work together by using a common intermediate format to represent programs. The system includes the following components:
Fortran and C front ends -> SUIF
SUIF -> Fortran and C
Data dependence analysis
A basic parallelizer
A loop-level locality optimizer
A visual SUIF code browser

The SUIF Software Distribution

Suif Release

This is a release of the SUIF1 retroactive bug-fixes distribution As you may know, the SUIF group has moved its development effort on from SUIF1 to SUIF Version 2. Some of you may have obtained the basesuif-2.0.0.alpha.38 release, which contained a version of SUIF1 modified to work in concert with an early release of SUIF2; various symbols were renamed "suif1_*" to not conflict with the same name in SUIF2. Since the naming scheme has changed in more recent SUIF2 code, this conflict is no longer a problem. We undid the name changes so that the only name changes visible to the user should be "libsuif1" and "suif1.h". This release should work with the new release of SUIF2. Conversion passes are already working. See the Suif 1x web pages for more documentation.

We have incorporated all the bug fixes people sent us about 1.3.0.[1-4], plus a few more. Please let us know if you find more problems. If it is a machine configuration problem, please try to figure out some patches yourself, since we don't have a lot of time to polish this more. Thanks.

Basesuif Package

Other Packages

These should be untarred in the directory suifhome/src. Please mail bugs and/or fixes to for discussion and review by those still using SUIF 1.

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The SUIF Documentation

An Overview of the SUIF System

SUIF Parallelizing Compiler Guide

The SUIF Cookbook

The SUIF Library

The BUILDER Library

The SUIFMATH Library



The Simple-SUIF Compiler Guide

The SUIF Man Pages

SUIF-Related Mailing Lists

Information on the SUIF mailing lists can be found here.

Contributions by Other Research Groups

Harvard HUBE Research Group

MachSUIF: a SUIF subsystem to support machine-dependent optimization
Branch instrumentation in SUIF

University of Toronto Compiler Group

A SPARC code generator

U.C. Berkeley BRASS Research Group

The TCOVSUIF profiling system for SUIF on Sparc workstations.

Los Alamos National Laboratory Reconfigurable Computing Group

Streams-C: Stream-Oriented C Programming for FPGAs

Research using SUIF
(at Stanford and elsewhere)

Proceedings of the SUIF Compiler Workshops.
Web pages of research groups using SUIF.