Research Groups Using SUIF

Stanford SUIF Compiler Group

Current Research Topics (To be released)

Data and computation transformations for parallelism and locality
Interprocedural parallelization
Pointer analysis for C programs
VeriSUIF: compiled simulation for Verilog, a hardware description language

Available software: SUIF infrastructure

Fortran and C front ends
Fortran and C back ends
Data dependence analysis
A basic parallelizer
A loop-level locality optimizer

Harvard HUBE Research Group

Research in computer architecture and compiler back-ends

Available software:

MachSUIF: a SUIF subsystem to support machine-dependent optimization
Branch instrumentation in SUIF

University of Toronto Compiler Group

Available software:

A SPARC code generator

U.C. Berkeley BRASS Research Group

Berkeley Reconfigurable Architectures, Systems, and Software;

Available software:

The TCOVSUIF profiling system for SUIF on Sparc workstations.

(Synopsys, Princeton, Aachen University of Technology and MIT)

PORC: a portable optimizing retargetable compiler for digital signal processors

Reinventing Computing Project (MIT AI Lab)

Research focus: quasistatic computing

SUIF Infrastructure: feedback, code specialization, quasistatic primitives

University of Rochester Compiler Group

Compiling for distributed shared-memory machines

Mitsubishi Electronic Research Laboratory

A C vectorizing compiler for the Neuro4 processor array

University of Toronto DSP Group

Building an optimizing compiler for a VLIW DSP architecture being designed at U of T.

University of Tennessee Computer Science Department

Dataflow analysis of array regions for use in a compiler-assisted checkpointer